Get Better Clients With Great Storytelling

By Joel Woolley
Get Better Clients With Great Storytelling

Are you looking to attract better clients? My friend Rachel Klaver invited me as a guest on her MAP IT Marketing podcast. We talk about how you can tell better stories that connect your brand with your ideal client.

During this episode we talk about:

  • Why it’s important to talk directly to your future customer
  • How the brand story process puts your target clients at the centre of your message
  • Why you need to show them a map on the front page of your website
  • How to improve the conversions from website visitors
  • Why this type of message can be used through all your marketing

Thanks Rachel for having me on your podcast! If you are a business owner, I urge you to listen to MAP IT Marketing. Rachel helps you work out how all your marketing fits together and how even the busiest business owners can build a winning marketing strategy.

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