Brand Messaging.

Create a new brand message that engages your ideal customer.

Brand Messaging Strategy
Brand Story for Small Business

If only finding the right
brand message was easy.

Many business owners spend months trying to find the right words and they don't even come close.

Instead of wasting months or years, get a clear brand message much faster with our Brand Messaging Kit.

I will create your brand story, package it in my Brand Story Handbook, and give you coaching so you can use it properly.

The right message will take your brand to the next level.

Get More Customers

Engage your customer

When your ideal customer checks out your marketing, they will want to work with you.

Generate More Leads

Build your marketing on a solid foundation

When you create marketing collateral in the future, you can be sure that it's using the right words.

Drive More Sales

Grow your business

When you start to attract more customers, your business will grow. It's that simple.

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You're only 3 steps away from your new brand message.

Step One

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Step Two

We create your
Brand Messaging Kit

We research your ideal customer and create your brand message.

Step Three

Get expert coaching

Then, you use your new brand message in all of your marketing.

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"Joel has set us apart from the market while at the same time showing our identity."

Engage more customers.

It all starts with a clear brand message that resonates with your customers.

Brand Messaging Kit

$1499 + GST
  • A Strategy Session with a Certified StoryBrand Guide
  • A Buyer Persona
  • Our Brand Story Handbook
  • 2 Hours of Coaching
  • 1 year subscription to Business Made Simple University

Brand Messaging Kit
& Wireframe

$1999 + GST
  • A Strategy Session with a Certified StoryBrand Guide
  • A Buyer Persona
  • Our Brand Story Handbook
  • 2 Hours of Coaching
  • 1 year subscription to Business Made Simple University
  • 1 Landing Page Wireframe

Extra wireframes can be purchased for an additional $500 + GST.

Brand Messaging FAQs.

Who is the Brand Messaging Kit for?

We designed this Brand Messaging Kit with business owners in mind, but it can still work for marketers and people with personal brands.

It is best suited for people that know who their ideal customer is, and they've already got a great product to sell. Unfortunately, a great brand message and an average product won't grow your business.

What does the Brand Story Handbook include?

The Brand Story Handbook is where we package your new brand message. It's around 20 pages long and includes talking points that we use as the foundation for your marketing going forward.

It also includes a One Liner, which is like a more concise Elevator Pitch. You can use your One Liner when talking with new clients and even add it to your email signatures and social profiles.

Everything in the handbook is based on the StoryBrand framework.

StoryBrand is the best marketing framework I've found. It helps me create a brand story in a clear and compelling way. If you'd like to find out more about StoryBrand, read my article all about it.

What happens if I have multiple products or services?

Good question! Often, I'll try to understand each product or service and see if there are any overarching themes that we can use to create a message for your overall brand.

Where things get a bit trickier is when you have products or services for very different target markets. Then I'd recommend you consider purchasing more landing page wireframes so we can find the right words for each audience.

What happens in the strategy session?

Before our strategy session happens, I'll send over a kick-off questionnaire for you to complete.

The questionnaire helps me understand your business and who your ideal customer is. You will see a link to Book Your Strategy Session once the questionnaire is complete.

In our strategy session, we will spend our time brainstorming what our brand story will look like. We will go through questions like: who will our customer become? What problems are they facing?

What is Brand Message Coaching?

Your brand story isn't enough to grow your business; it must be applied across your website and marketing. That's where my coaching comes in.

You have two hours with me to talk about executing your brand story. I will give you personalised advice so you can get the best results from your new brand message.

What is Business Made Simple University?

Business Made Simple University is an online platform all about helping you master the key areas of business. If you and your team understand the basics of leadership, sales, marketing, product creation, overhead, and cash flow, your business will thrive.

The Marketing Made Simple course is the real stand out. Create a Sales Funnel for your business is essential for any business looking to go to the next level.

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